Putting The Ballot On Line Without Regard To Party Affiliation With A Cost Effective Manual Back Up

Allows “We The People” to vote more often and abundantly on all the issues that face us as a community (nation). Eliminating a large number of politicians starting with the House of Representatives shattering the Electoral College.  Why not only one Senator from each state serving 2 years with a reduced salary with no life time pension. Replacing the term “Politician with “Administrative Representative” who’s job description reads responding directly to the ballots (not poles) of his, her or it’s constituents by passing special interest groups and lobbyist.  Ladies and Gentlemen the two chamber legislature has run it’s course.  Right now there are too many unresolved issues caught in each chamber.  For those die hard individuals who will insist on two chambers we can still replace the House of Representatives with the 50 Governors in place.  Yes our founding fathers did a great job on The U.S. Constitution before they passed on  and we moved into the George Jetson Age (where technology allows us all to speak at the same time).  To genuinely become “We The People” requires putting the ballot on line without regard to party affiliation with a manual cost effective back up.  Then and only then can We The People review amended together The U. S. Constitution.  We cannot wait for or depend on the government (current politicians) to do this for us.  We will need a minimum of 100 volunteers in each Parrish/County determined to work together to account for each and every registered voter in the community.  Let’s reject today’s lying politicians these few changes could be enough to shore up Social Security.  It’s ludicrous to continue to pay politicians to become your candidate.  Ladies and gentlemen it’s time to change the game politicians play on all of us.  Let’s all work together to put the ballot on line.

We have A Check And Balance Government There Should Be No Such Thing As An Independent Judiciary Lib

There is a grotesque incestuous intercourse relationship between the judiciary and the attorneys of this country formulating  a monopoly of the law serving the people no good.  Leaving us with a government of the attorneys by the attorneys for the attorneys.  These people speak legalese and we the people have to pay to play with them.  You want to know why there is so much unnecessary killing, crime, violence, and chaos most folks just don’t know what the law is (ignorance of the law is no  excuse).  What is this business about conservative vs liberal judges.  The law should be the same from coast to coast.  The people should have feathered access to what the law is.  The Executive and Legislative branches of government are under constant video scrutiny.  The supreme court works out of a vacuum when it should be the premier learning institution of this country.  From the Supreme Court to the lowest court should be required by law to provide video of their proceedings facilitating a review of a higher court or co equal branch of government?  It must be nice to have a life time gig.  You can lose your mind and still go to work (the monarchy is in Great Britain).  Have you seen how many judges have gone to prison?  You would think for as long as life long Supreme Court Justices have been around we would have much more settled law.  If you are a criminal you can get a free public defender if you are a law abiding citizen what do you get under equal protection under law?  One innocent person being incarcerated is one too many anybody have any idea the number of innocent people released from prison over the years?  We have not one but two justices on the bench that survived sex scandals probably innocent its just the appearance.  Any judge with disciplinary files in his. her or it’s file should be removed from the bench forthwith a no brainier.

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America, Louisiana, New Orleans please use my candidacy Glenn Adrain Harris U.S. House of Representa

To change the game politicians play on all of us

1.  It is crucial to place the ballot online without regard to party affiliation with a cost effective manual back up.  Minimizing the need for as many politicians the people’s vote become law.  We are all experiencing taxation with too much representation

2.  I pledge to donate $75,000.00 of my annual salary to projects in the community the constituents vote on.  Please do not send me any money I repeat do not send me any money If elected please don’t call me a politician I would prefer “Administrative Representative” as I seed autonomy of my office directly back to the people of my district (my constituents).

a.  Providing weekly updates on all matters brought before me for consideration for my constituents consideration and vote for my position in representing them (job description to be written into law).  Anybody have any idea for how long and

b.  Normally I would serve one term and leave I ask for no more than 3 terms to be instrumental in reducing congressional salaries to $100,000.00 ending automatic cost of living adjustments annual, one term limit and terminating the 5 year Golden Parachute life time pension. Three or four day work week  plenty holiday time off all needs to be reviewed.  Write The House of Representatives out the constitution or replace them with the 50 governors and use only one senator from each state changing its rules to allow equal footing by each member (two year limit).  Enact laws to making the judiciary more unified and consistent:

1. Starting with supreme court age limit 75 80 max.

2. Presidential issues should always go directly to the supreme court

3.  All proceedings filmed with judges having supervising judges.

4.  Judges with derogatory files removed from the bench.

c. This world this nation is changing every split millisecond we need, timely trustworthy, efficient, decisive,  government.  Let’s do the job ourselves as we the people the ballot online. The people should be allowed to discuss the law in the public square without fear of incrimination.

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More to come

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2020 The Renovation Of Congress By The People In A Political/American Renaissance

1.  Asking the people to vote the incumbents out.

2.  Ask your candidate are they willing to seed autonomy of their office directly back to the people by placing the ballot online.


New Orleans I Implore Your Help Volunteers Needed